Many of us have at some point throughout our life felt that home ownership and property investment were so far out of our grasp that it was pointless to consider. Even as an experienced homeowner or investor you may have searched high and low for the property that fit your criteria and kept coming up short.

Well perhaps I can convince and then show you that with some shared planning, counseling, budgeting, and preparation, any property is truly within your reach. So please, take a look inside the pages of this website to discover how together we can turn that notion into your reality.

Finding the Right Property

We understand that finding the right property can be a daunting task. We also understand how frustrating the lending, negotiating and document review process can be. Let us take the stress off of you while we run down the perfect property options and deal directly with lenders, inspectors, contractors, landlords, stagers, photographers, appraisers and escrow agents on your behalf.

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"Jennifer was wonderful to work with over the last few months. She was incredibly knowledgeable about the neighborhoods we we were looking at and provided helpful pointers along the way. She was highly responsive and was a great negotiator. She also connected us with inspectors and contractors. I would highly recommend hiring her if you are looking for anew home or selling your home."

Angela Callado Kiley
Director Of External Relations at Brooke Charter Schools

"Jennifer Cloud was a very knowledgeable and thorough agent, I enjoyed working with her and would recommend her!"

Erin Cook
Regional Director of Sales at Aimbridge Hospitality

"We strongly recommend Jennifer - she helped us find the exact home we were looking for in Dallas, and was a pleasure to work with. Jennifer is knowledgeable, fast, and trustworthy. She is super responsive to e-mails and questions, which made a big difference for us as first time home buyers that needed a lot of guidance. She stays on top of things like appointments and deadlines. She did an excellent job helping us figure out our likes/dislikes and effectively narrowing down our search. She knows the real estate market very well and gave us a lot of helpful insight while visiting potential homes. She is friendly and personable, someone you can enjoy spending time with during your search. Her unique background as an attorney practicing construction/real estate litigation will give you an extra layer of comfort and security - you can trust her as an adviser and advocate..."

Attorney With Littler Mendelson

THE best Realtor I have ever had. The fusion between being an experienced Realtor and Attorney really is the ultimate package you would want to assist you in purchasing a home. We found our lease with her, our land, and then our builder all with her help. She also connected me with Interior Designers to help me with my home, and she even had rave reviews from them. We will always recommend her to anyone in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. We can’t thank her enough for her help!

Home Owner

"Jennifer made my first-time home buying experience a breeze! She was with me every step of the way and gave me her honest opinion, just as if this was her own home she was purchasing. I can't thank you enough for relieving a lot of my stress since I was also planning a wedding! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Krystal Nelson
Paralegal, Kane Russell Coleman Logan

"Jennifer was a pleasure to work with. I found her to be professional, knowledgeable, and ethical. As a broker and attorney she has two ares of expertise. She is also easy to be around with a wonderful sense of humor. I can't stress how important a little levity is when the buyer is freaking out about details. The other agent, seller, title company, and bank made mistakes, and Jen caught them all, saving us a world of headache and delay.I would recommend her her to anyone buying or selling. She knows her stuff and balances no nonsense with easygoing...something I simply can't do."


I went through two other agents before being introduced to Jennifer. The first two just didn't get it, but I could tell within the first phone call with Jenny that she took her business seriously. She educated me on the legality of working with different agents and so much more, which is super helpful because this was my first time buying a home. Jenny is straight to business and worked hard to accommodate my schedule and my needs. Jenny was available for me to reach her practically 24/7.I purchased my home within a few weeks of working with her, and I couldn't be happier with how smooth the process went. She found my home through a connection, before it had even been listed! She has been doing this for many years which means she has a contact for any sort of housing issue you can think of. Jenny has a winning personality and is just very easy to communicate with. I will definitely be using her again in the future and I would highly recommend her."

Personal Trainer

Jennifer sold our house for us. You will not find a better agent in the entire state of Texas! Organized, responsive, knowledgable, smart... I cant say enough about Jennifer at Private Label. Not only will she help you sell or buy a home, but she has the legal background to assist with things you typically don't think about as a first time buyer/seller. Just amazing!!!


"Jen is the absolute best! A gift to frazzled and frustrated home buyers. She didn't go the second miles; she went the second hundred mile. We were looking all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area. And by that I mean Whitney (do NOT recommend!) to Cedar Hill to Granbury, where we eventually bought. She is organized and on top of every detail. She's patient and honest. We walked up to a house and before we even entered Jen said, "nope, nope...water and foundation issues." She's both a broker and attorney, so we felt comfortable that everything would be correct from start to finish. Indeed, Jen caught more than one mistake made by the other agent and saved everyone time and frustration. I can't stress enough her integrity, honesty, and ethics. Plus, she's my kind of woman...get it, got it, go. Very efficient, and no nonsense, but with a hysterical sense of humor. This is extremely important when you are tearing your hair out in frustration with the myriad of other people involved when buying a house."

Retired Engineer

"Over the last 30 years I've bought and sold many commercial and residential properties and I have never received better service and guidance than I did from Jennifer. Jennifer's background and sheer competency made this transaction so easy and comfortable, because I had so much confidence in her ability to catch anything I might miss, it gave me the confidence to relax and enjoy the experience. She will give you all the data you will need to make the right decision and she is above all else extremely honest and transparent. I will use her for all my selling and buying from now on."

Owner of Brinson Ford


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