4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Tidy

Without Expert Help or Hard Work

Feb 25

Tidying up is all the rage these days. However, most of us will never have a tidying expert in our homes to help us organize our things. Luckily, you don’t need a TV intervention to keep your life organized. All you really need is a little creativity and some simple tips for turning cleaning into a more manageable task on your “to-do” list.        

Clean Your Floors Without Clearing Out Your Schedule

A small trick for making your home look tidy is to keep your floors clean, but all that mopping and sweeping can take a major chunk out of your busy schedule. You can cut your cleaning time down by investing in a vacuum cleaner that picks up dirt on all surfaces, including tile floors in your bathroom. Read through online reviews so that you know you will begetting a vacuum cleaner that will really reach into all those nooks and crannies.


Need another tip for keeping your bathroom clutter-free? Grab a few baskets in different sizes to help you store toilet paper, hand towels, and other essentials in style. Baskets in coordinating colors and finishes, for example, can add to your bathroom decor, but even using baskets in cabinets can help keep your things organized.


Make Your Tidying Chores Fun for Your Whole Family

Cleaning and organizing your bathroom, or any other room, may seem like a boring task. But rather than treating cleaning like a chore to avoid,why not make those minutes into some fun you will look forward to? Crank up your favorite playlist and dance around while you organize your home to burn some calories. You could even use that time to indulge in a relaxing DIY face mask. By the time you’re done dusting, your skin could be deep cleaned and moisturized. Parents can even get little ones in on the tidying fun. It may sound a little wacky, but encouraging kids to dress up or compete with siblings can turn their usual boring cleaning chores into activities they will look forward to helping you with.


Don’t Let Cleaning and Decluttering Get Overwhelming


Okay, so even if you play some music and games, cleaning may still feel like a lot of work. This can be especially true if you clean your entire home all at once. However, people who always seem to have tidy homes often use one small secret: they clean a little bit each day. Taking a few minutes out of your day to put things back in their place can make a major difference in the appearance of your home. Keeping your home organized every day can also make a difference in the way your family feels as well. Clutter causes problems for everyone living in your home. From increasing your stress levels to causing respiratory issues, when your home isa mess, your life may feel like a mess as well. So, even if you’re not face-masking, cleaning is still an essential form of self-care for the well-being of your entire family.


Get Help Without Hiring an Expensive Organizing Expert


By now, you have some pretty useful tips for getting your home neat and organized. But it still takes some time to maintain that clean. If your schedule is so busy that you can’t seem to fit even smaller cleaning tasks into your day, you may need to look for help. That help can come in many different forms, but it definitely does not have to involve hiring an organizing expert.


Some of the smartest gadgets available for your home are ones that make cleaning easier. Tech can help out with the worst tidying tasks around your home, from scooping the litter box to cleaning grime off stovetops. These tools are smart investments for anyone looking to spend less time maintaining a clean home and cost less than an expert in the long-term.


You may never experience overwhelming joy from cleaning your home.However, that doesn’t mean you have to be overwhelmed by stress and clutter either. Just start small with a few of the tips above. Before you know it, you will have the clean, organized home you’ve always dreamed about — without all of the extra work.


Photo Credit: Pexels


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