Expect More From Your Realtor

Prominus® is a full-service real estate brokerage whose agents are particularly unique because they each have either a law, architectural, engineering or design degree. So when we say that Prominus® is THE elite brokerage to go to in Texas, we can back that up. With so many agents now entering the real estate market these days, its critical for our clients to feel safe and secure with the choice they’ve made for representation. It’s also important for our agents to feel empowered with as much knowledge as possible and co-sharing our specialized expertise and skills with each other and our clients allows for an agency experience that no other brokerage can offer.

Type A personalities, crazy organizational skills and a live-or-die by deadlines mentality are not all that we bring to the table. Each agent is allowed to offer their professional independent services to Prominus clients and all agents are master negotiators capable of handling large, complex and multiple transactions with the skill of a real estate ninja. On the other hand, they also respect and appreciate any transaction, no matter how small, and treat all their clients with the utmost respect and confidence. Pushing the client to be as informed as humanly possible from start to close is one of our main goals as an agency and that responsibility continues on, even after the transaction has ended.

We think you should expect more from your Realtor, and now you can!


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