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No matter how spotless your new home looked when you visited during the showing, it will need a thorough cleaning before you move in your belongings. If the seller was living there, the reality is there was a lot of commotion after you last saw the property. Boxes were lugged, furniture carried and moving crews walked in and out from the van. Even if the home was vacant, you want to remove residual dirt and grime so you can start with a clean slate.

Work your way down. Start cleaning your new home with features close to the ceiling. The light fixtures, crown molding, ceiling fans and anything else overhead, should be your first priority. Pay attention to corners and clear away cobwebs, including in your closets and storage areas. Work your way down to the floors and shampoo carpets to knock out any grime. Mop tile or hardwood floors and clean out the kitchen cupboards and appliances including the interior of the refrigerator and oven. Wash down tile surfaces in the bathrooms and sanitize them. If the former homeowners had pets, Bed, Bath & Beyond notes you may need to treat your home for fleas to make it move-in ready.

Track your progress. Cleaning a new home can become an overwhelming job. A cleaning checklist can eliminate your guesswork and ensure you stay on track, or you might decide it’s simply more than you want to take on. After all, you still need to move in your belongings, unpack and arrange everything. You can save time, energy and stress by hiring a professional to help you do some (or all) of your house cleaning projects. An online search tool can help you locate a professional cleaning service in your area.

Make repairs. Chances are there are some minor repairs to make throughout your new home. Go room to room with drywall patch, a putty knife, screwdrivers and a hammer so you can pull any remaining hangers and fix up your walls. If you plan to paint, this is also a good time to refresh the rooms. Inspect your dishwasher and garbage disposal to ensure they are ready to get to work. Install new, high quality air filters in your heating and cooling system, which will not only keep the air clean, but also help your system to run more efficiently. Consider hiring a professional to clean your home’s ductwork and inspect your furnace system.

Cigna points out if you find evidence of moisture, it should be addressed because it creates unhealthy conditions, helping molds and mildew to thrive. Fix any sources of dampness, such as leaks, and remove any materials damaged by water. For security purposes, consider changing the locks on your new home as well. After all, you have no way of knowing who was given keys to the locks that came with the house.

Clear the air. Going the extra mile is smart when it comes to home air quality. There can be a number of air pollutants you can’t see, such as mold, mildew and pollen. If anyone in your home has allergies it’s important to be especially careful about the air quality in your new home. After thoroughly cleaning, you can tackle any residual issues by spraying an allergen reducer, which also comes in handy for routine cleanups. Using an air purifier can provide ongoing help with air quality as well. Radon is another potential air quality concern. Consider testing the air quality in your home to find out if there is a problem with radon.

Preparing a house to move into is a big job, but it’s a worthwhile investment of your time and energy. Make sure you deep clean top to bottom, repairs are made, and the air is fresh so you can start off on the right foot. Having a spotless home means you can move in with peace of mind.

Article courtesy of Paul Denikin, @dadknowsdiy.com.


Prominus provides specialized and elite real estate services.
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