Essential Spring Home Maintenance Projects

Apr 11
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Whether you are a seasoned entertainer or a summer hermit, the warmer months are coming, and it’s time to enjoy it. With the temperatures rising, your home needs some extra TLC so that you can keep your cool. Here are a few projects to conquer around the home this spring.


Clean and Check the Gutters

Cleaning your gutters is essential so that they can work efficiently during those spring showers and summer storms. Dead leaves, bugs, and the general gunk that clog them add potentially harmful weight to their bearings and can cause cracks and even collapse your strained gutter system.

Cleaning your gutters yourself is a relatively easy DIY project:

-      First, check the drain end.Cleaning your gutters always begins at the downspout.

-      Next, rig up your ladder and check from above. Using a flat trowel, scrape up any large debris, such as dead leaves and twigs, and scoop them into a bucket.

-      For silt and other fine materials that may cause problems, flush your gutters with a hose. Start from the opposite end of the downspout and let gravity do its work. If the water doesn’t drain, your downspout may be clogged. Start over again from the first step until you get a clean drain.

-      Finally, to prevent excess debris from falling into your gutters throughout spring and summer, trim any hanging branches that fall over your roof and gutters. Not only does this keep your gutters clean, it also prevents falling branches from damaging your roof.


Address the Air

After a cold winter cooped up inside, your first instinct is likely to open up the windows and doors to let the warmth and sunshine in. Before you do, it’s a good idea to spend some time focusing on the air quality inside of your home. Otherwise, that warm, moist spring air laced with pollen and other seasonal irritants might not be so refreshing after all.

-      Start by replacing your air filter. If you have trouble remembering this easy -- and easy to forget --task, consider signing up for an air filter subscription service that delivers a clean one right to your door right when you need it.

-      To reduce the dust and allergens in your home, clean your air vents, dust your ceiling fans, and ask everyone to remove their shoes at the door.

-      If you are prone to allergies, have pets, or need to remove the smell of smoke from your home, you may also want to invest in an air purifier with a HEPA filter.


Make a Mudroom

A mudroom is the perfect place to hang your raincoats, store wet or muddy shoes, and generally have an area that helps keep the rest of your house clean. You can design your mudroom to fit your family’s unique needs. Say you have a son who loves lacrosse. Putting a basket at the entrance gives him the perfect place to store his stick so it doesn’t end up inthe middle of the living room floor. Or say your family is very particular about having their own spaces. Individual cubbies help organize each family member’s individual things so they always know where they are. Some things every good mudroom should have include:

-      A bench where people can sit to take off boots and shoes.

-      A rack or hooks to hang coats, jackets, and umbrellas.

-      A floor mat where people can wipe off muddy shoes.

-      Storage for toys, sports equipment, and other things for fun outdoor activities.

-      Towels for easy drying off when those unexpected storms hit.

-      A first aid kit with bandages, ointment, and other items for quick-access injury treatment.

-      Air freshener because chances area room with dirty shoes and wet clothes might start to smell a little funky.


Prep Your Pool

You didn’t think it would ever come, but it’s finally time to uncover the pool.  Prepare the pool area so you don’t have to worry about doing it once you are ready to take that first dip. To open your pool, you’ll first want to check and adjust its pH, alkalinity, calcium levels, and chlorine. Next, you’ll want to clean its filtration system to ensure your pool stays clean all season long.  Onceall its levels are good and the systems have been checked, you are ready to bring out all the items and accessories associated with your pool that have been sitting in storage. This includes:

-      Ladders

-      Diving board

-      Outdoor furniture

-      Toys

The arrival of spring means warm weather and necessary home projects. Doing them now ensures you’ll have the time to prepare and enjoy those warm sunny days. Doing things such as cleaning the gutters, improving indoor air quality, establishing a mudroom, and prepping your pool helps keep your home in tip-top shape both indoors and out.

- Bret Engle |


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