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Moving can be stressful for nearly everyone involved. Although moving to a new house may be filled with excitement, few people look forward to the drudgery of a move. It involves turning your life upside-down while packing up all the massive amounts of stuff that you’ve accumulated over the years. And the stress of a move is well-earned, as it carries many opportunities for mishaps. A poorly executed move can cost you time, money and sanity. Before you move, make a smart investment in time and resources by developing a moving plan. With thoughtful preparation, you can minimize moving day mishaps before they occur.

An excellent place to start your planning is with a pre-packing checklist. In this checklist, determine everything that you’re going to need to have a successful move. Make a list of the necessary supplies that you will need. One moving mishap is not having enough boxes. Avoid this mishap by saving boxes as the move approaches. Other supplies that you need include tape, markers and packing supplies.

Packing supplies do not have to be expensive. For example, when it comes to boxes, you can check with friends, retail stores or your work to see if they have cardboard boxes that they are looking to discard. And instead of buying bubble wrap or packing peanuts, use your linens and towels. You need to pack those anyway, so put them to work to protect your fragile items.

Make your move an opportunity to simplify your life by decluttering while you pack. This is a great way to start a fresh clean slate at your new house. So before you start loading items into boxes for your move, label three boxes ‘trash’, ‘donate’ and ‘keep.’

Before you start packing, think about what items you’re going to need during the move and make sure that you don’t pack them away. Paperwork, especially documents dealing with your new residence, such as a lease, deed, loan documents and appliance paperwork are essential to have, and you don’t want to have to dig around for them in a panic. Plan to pack a first night box, which will have all those essentials that you need such as medicine, eyeglasses and phone chargers.

Once your plan is complete, you have the right supplies and you have decluttered then you can prepare packing. But before you do so, establish “Packing Central” at your home. Packing Central is your organization station. Everything you need to pack should be here. This is where you coordinate and compile all of your packing supplies: packing tape, packing paper, foam peanuts, labels, permanent wide markers, boxes, scissors, razor cutter, plastic gloves, etc. Having Packing Central ready for fulfillment at all times makes everything run more smoothly.

And while packing, avoid one of the biggest mistakes that DIY movers make. Often non-professional movers will fill large boxes with lots of stuff including heavy items. But this is not the purpose of large moving boxes. Instead, put heavy things (like books, electronics and small appliances) in small boxes and large lighter items (such as pillows and glass bowls) in large boxes. Doing so will make moving much more comfortable for you or your movers.

Also make sure that you use all the space in a box, as half-filled boxes can cause damage contents. When you are done packing a box, tape it well and mark it on two sides. And one other packing essential that is often neglected is a box cutter. How else are you going to open all of those well-packed boxes?

With a plan and some serious preparation, you can avoid common moving mishaps. And by pouncing on the chance to simplify your life, you might even be able to make a move a pleasant experience. When you are ready to make the move, I am ready to help you.

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Prominus provides specialized and elite real estate services.
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