Hi folks! Your monthly market watch is here and its emphasis is on first-time homebuyers. I know this article may not apply to all of you so if you know someone who is contemplating buying their first home,please feel free to share this email with them! I pride myself on informing and educating homebuyers in general about all aspects of the home-buying process but one of the areas in which I believe I excel is with first-time homebuyers. I tend to make them feel at ease and comfortable with the many steps that we have to go through from offer and acceptance, lending deadlines, title questions, inspections and repair negotiations and then on to closing. Just check out some of the testimonials that my clients have written here and let them tell you in their own word show they feel about my representation. Now that we are in a cooler real estate market and interest rates continue to be super low, it is a perfect time for first-time homebuyers to call me. Your referrals are what keep my business thriving each year and are greatly appreciated. If I can help you or any of your friends and family find a property in Texas, please email me and I will jump right on it!

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