Hi folks! Your monthly market watch is here and boy is it relevant to today's market. Interest rates are almost at an all-time historic low thus making it a perfect time to refinance your home loan and at the same time, take out a home renovation loan. Why not? Even if you aren't contemplating putting your house on the market next Spring, shouldn't you reap the benefits of a new kitchen or a new bath while you live there? If you are contemplating putting your home on the market in the near future, I promise you, buyers will almost demand that the house be updated. If it is not, it will likely linger on the market unless you are aggressive with your pricing, i.e. be ready to take a discount. So where should you start? Contact a few lenders to see what products they can provide along with what interest rate is available with their programs. Jeannie Smith with Cornerstone Home Lending, Jorge Madrid with The Madrid Group, Supreme Lending, and JC Mier with Alpha Loan Group are all great lender options ready to help you lower your monthly payment and/or reach your home renovation goals. And remember, when you are ready to sell, I am ready to help you!

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