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Why Prominus? Of upmost importance is the education and experience behind our agents. Our lawyers, architects, engineers and designers bring a wealth of knowledge straight to your doorstep. For example, a real estate transaction is heavily reliant and dependent upon the proper negotiation and execution of a contract between a buyer and a seller. In Texas, all real estate agents are required to use standard form contracts provided by the Texas Real Estate Commission. They are not allowed to deviate from or change any aspect of those standard form contracts or interpret those documents in any way. Our lawyer-agents on the other hand, because they also practice law, have the ability to go much farther in the negotiating and contracting process on your behalf. Those that have practiced real estate and construction related matters have insight into legal nuisances of a real estate transaction and construction process unlike any other agent. Perhaps a drainage or structural issue arises during your inspection of a property.

Our engineer-agents will know exactly how to address the situation and educate you on your options. Would you like to build a new home? Our architect-agents will have the vision to show you different design elements that can be incorporated into your drawings. And last but not least, having trouble seeing what and how to beautify the interior of your home? Our designer-agents have access to all the furniture, lighting, fixtures, window coverings, rugs, appliances and more that you would ever need. Prominus is a like a one-stop shop in real estate. There is simply no reason to choose another brokerage given the knowledge of our agents coupled with the lack of any other brokerage in Texas that offers you the same type of well-rounded expertise. We think you should expect more from your Realtor and now you can!


Prominus provides specialized and elite real estate services.
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